Behavioral Health Center

Strides  Behavioral Health Center 

Strides Behavioral Services, LLC Behavioral Health Care Center is conveniently located at 600 Tollgate Road, Warwick, RI.   

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General Information

Situated across the street from Kent County Hospital, this location provides easy access to I-95 and Route 2.  The building provides more than 5,000 square feet of space with ample parking.  

The building's design will allow for the separation of the children based upon age.  One side of the building will be focused on pre-school children and the other half of the building will be for school aged children,  providing a safe environment for all involved.

Sessions Offered

Strides will conduct an initial assessment for each child entering the center.  Based upon that assessment and the parent's concerns, an individualized treatment and behavior plan will be developed. Strides' recommendations for the amount and type of services required will always be clinically based.  

At the same time, we recognize that the scheduling of the treament plan must meet with the child's and family's daily demands.  Strides will work with the families to try and match up the family's schedule with the available sessions within the Center.


Benefits of Center Based Services

  • Children can experience social opportunities with similar aged peers.
  • The Center provides the child with the opportunity to use acquired skills in a new way, at a new place.
  • Availability of BTs and BCBAs that can maximize the progress of each child.
  • The Center will provide a greater variety of tools and materials to be used by the BTs and BCBAs.
  • Parents can free up time for themselves while knowing their child is in a safe and developmental environtment.

To learn more about the Center, fill out our form on our Contact Page or call 401-477-9495.

To reserve time within the Center, Click Here to Register.