About Us

Strides Behavioral Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality individualized care based on principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. Our goal is to enrich the lives of the clients and families we service by providing high standards of training, family centered care and support, and high quality individualized care. 

Family Centeredness
A child’s path to success begins with the family. Strides Behavioral Services takes a family centered approach. Parent training and participation is built into therapy sessions. Studies have shown that parents who actively participate in their children’s therapy can lead to greater success.

Strides Behavioral Therapy will focus on three principles of family centered care:

Treating families with respect
The Strides staff will ask questions and listen to the family’s opinions, suggestions, and concerns.  All plans will be a result of close coordination with the families.

Open communication
The Strides staff will discuss with the family in advance  (1) the type of services to be provided, (2) the type of services that the family are expecting, and (3) the role family will play in these services. Expectations of the family's role and results from Strides will be discussed to ensure consistency of service and to optimize positive results.

Involvement in treatment
Strides will work with each family to guide them to the creation of realistic goals for the client. Families will be present and active during each session. 

Individualized Care
Applied Behavior Analysis focuses on individualized care.  Behavior Analysts will first conduct an assessment with the client.  Upon completion of the assessment, the Behavior Analyst will meet with the client and family to determine what goals would be beneficial for all. The Behavior Analyst will then develop a treatment plan tailored to the client and implemented by the Registered Behavior Technician during 1:1 sessions.  Behavior Analysts will meet with the client and family regularly to discuss progress and make any changes as needed.  

Intensive Staff Training
All of Strides’ employees are required to go through intensive on-going training. Staff will complete the requirements set forth by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board to become a Registered Behavior Technician.  In addition, staff will be behavioral safety trained as well as CPR/First Aid Certified. Training will be on-going to ensure that each employee is well versed in all aspects of their job.