ABA Services

Home Based Therapy

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will set up an initial consult with family to get to know them and discuss what ABA services will look like in the home or community.  The BCBA will then set up follow up visits to complete assessments that will assist with treatment planning.  Once the treatment plan is agreed upon and in place, a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) will come out to meet the client and work on building a strong relationship with them.  The RBT will meet with the client weekly to work on the treatment plan that is based off ABA principles.  The RBT will work on developing communication, social, play, and daily living skills to name a few. The BCBA overseeing the case will come out often to provide supervision, parent training, and make any modifications as necessary.  

Center Based Services

Our center is offered to children from the ages of 3-12.  Each child has a 1:1 support with a RBT and a BCBA overseeing the case.  Parents have the option of attending half day or full day sessions.  Children will work on a variety of goals and have the opportunity to practice social, play, and communication skills with other peers! Each child will complete an assessment upon starting with Strides and an individualized treatment and behavior plan will be written based on those results and parent concerns.  Parents will be provided parent training and be able to check in daily on the progress their child is making. 

Family Support

Providing support for the whole family is a priority of Strides Behavioral Services.  The families are a vital part of the Strides team!  BCBA’s will be available to answer any questions, listen to any concerns, and provide training to all. Families are highly encouraged to participate in session to develop their own skillset.  By implementing treatment plan/behavior plan strategies, BCBA’s will be able to provide feedback and have the families feeling confident in the implementation of ABA strategies.